Woman Warned to Stop Saying ‘Massive Thank You to Everyone’ Every Time She is on Facebook

Woman Warned to Stop Saying 'Massive Thank You to Everyone' Every Time She is on Facebook
by Kat Ziegel

A FACEBOOK user has been issued a warning to stop saying “Massive thank you, to everyone,” after she updated her status thanking everyone for wishing her well after she collapsed due to heart problems.

Posting from her sick bed in hospital, the sickening status update thanking everyone seemed a step too far, according to Facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson told Dafty News this morning: “This is not the first time she has thanked everyone on Facebook. She has a record of it and quite simply it is deplorable. We warned her several times but the latest from her hospital bed was just the last straw.”

It’s not the first time a Facebook user has received a warning from Facebook. In June last year, a mother-of-five from the Midlands was struck off Facebook with a lifetime ban after asking for a recommendation for a reliable van and driver to move some items of furniture to her sister’s house.






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