Woman Tasered After Trying to Flee Facebook

Woman Tasered After Trying to Flee Facebook
by Dafty News

A 40-YEAR-OLD woman from London was tasered by police last night after she had the nerve and cheek to try and leave Facebook, it has emerged.

Police were called to a flat in the Peckham area where it was believed reports of a single mother was threatening to leave the popular social media site and at one point witnesses say she even threatened to delete her account after becoming embroiled in a Facebook argument.

A police spokesperson told Dafty News: “We can confirm a 40-year-old single mother-of-at-least-thirteen is being detained and questioned over an incident that occurred in a high-rise flat.”

Meanwhile, anti-police protesters gathered outside the police station demanding to know why the women was tasered before a public relations individual for the police calmly quietened the angry mob down with the following statement:

“The woman in question was asked quietly to leave her laptop open but she insisted she was leaving Facebook before slamming her laptop screen down on its attached keypad.

“Our officers remained calm but had no option after the woman grabbed her phone and tried to log out of Facebook. Our officers tasered her as a result.”

Facebook say anyone threatening to leave their site will be dealt with in the strictest punishment possible.






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