[VIDEO] Celebrating International Women’s Day

[VIDEO] Celebrating International Women's Day

TO mark the celebrations of International Women’s Day, this short clip takes a look at a relationship under the stars. That’s the horoscope stars, not actually a romantic act of positive picturesque expression.

The male partner drifts off to a dark place as the female rattles on about star signs and all things zodiac and boring-related.

Warning: contains graphic content. We should have put that at the very beginning but you might have been tempted to not watch it.


  • He was James Dann (@JamesJoelDann)
  • She was Sophie Tomlinson
  • It was filmed by Julian Leiner and Michael Westwood
  • The sound was done by Husain Abul
  • It was edited by Michael Westwood (@mijewe) and James Dann






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