Vegan sues restaurateur for owning sausage dog

Vegan sues restaurateur for owning sausage dog
by Dafty News

A restaurant owner in Edinburgh is being sued by an angry vegan diner who spotted the proprietor’s German sausage dog sleeping under one of the tables as she ate her meal last Tuesday.

Mrs Tracy McDell, 24, flew into a rage and threw her plate of boiled alfalfa sprouts in a bean curd sauce at a waiter before storming out of the establishment in tears.

The restaurant owner, Mr Daniel Sozzerello, 42, now faces being sued by Mrs Dell for offending her sensibilities by allowing a dog with a name synonymous with meat to be present during her meal.

Mr Sozzarello, told Dafty News: “It all seems a bit daft to me. Anyway, wait till she finds out I made the bean sauce out of liquidised calf’s brains”

In other related news, a 22-year-old vegan woman from East London was issued with death threats and banned from her Facebook group yesterday after failing to virtue signal her deeply tedious dietary choices for over half an hour during a group discussion about fried mud on Messenger.



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