Trump vows to aid UNHCR following refugee crisis appeal

Trump vows to aid UNHCR following refugee crisis appeal
by Danny SoZ

US President Donald Trump was quick to respond last night after hearing an appeal from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees yesterday.

The UNHCR had earlier issued an appeal on behalf of the thousands fleeing from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo and the President was quick to throw his immediate support behind the UNHCR initiative.

Speaking to newsmen in The White House briefing room, Trump said: “As soon as I heard that these guys were appealing for refugees I wanted to help.

“If there’s a shortage of them and the United States can create any more, then I’m 100% committed to doing whatever I can.

“Maybe we could invade Puerto Rico and create a few refugees that way. They’ve been a real pain in the ass lately anyways.

“I’ll have a word with my guys tomorrow and see what we can do. If the UN guys are prepared to share the expense, maybe we could create a million or so in North Korea also”

The UNHCR declined to give a response last night, but one delegate we spoke to muttered: “Fuck’s sake” when we told him of Trump’s offer.






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