Tragic ‘Irish dancer’ was having fit

Tragic 'Irish dancer' was having fit
by Danny SoZ

A 23-year-old Whitechapel man was pronounced dead at the scene yesterday after passers-by who witnessed his frenzied convulsions in the street thought he was performing an Irish dance to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Tobias O’Dell, a plasterer, was seen by a number of witnesses convulsing in a doorway in Whitechapel Road yesterday.

One woman we spoke to said: “He was upright and leaning against the wall outside The Blind Beggar pub. His upper body was absolutely rigid but his legs were going like the absolute clappers. All over the shop they were.

“Everybody just assumed he was doing that Irish dancing, like that Michael Flatley does on the telly, and left him to it”

In 1999, there was a similar incident, when a young Shoreditch woman who was spotted performing an Irish dance in the street was admitted to hospital and later released after being treated for severe epilepsy.






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