Ticket sales for Diane Abbott’s fundraising striptease “on the slow side” say organisers

Ticket sales for Diane Abbott's fundraising striptease "on the slow side" say organisers
by Danny SoZ

According to the organisers of a fundraising striptease, due to be performed by shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, to raise money for injured victims of the terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday night, ticket sales have been disappointing.

A spokesperson for #TitsAgainstTerror told us: “Sales have been on the slow side, but we put that down to lots of people being away on holiday and also the flagging economy brought about by  disastrous Tory fiscal policies”

Miss Abbott, who describes herself as “curvy and voluptuous” will perform the striptease on London Bridge itself on Saturday night, where it is understood structural engineers will be installing steel piles on the underside of the bridge to take her weight when she does the splits.






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