Thousands of Britons now on tablets because they’re not on tablets

Thousands of Britons now on tablets because they're not on tablets
by Danny SoZ

The National Health Service has claimed that their resources are being put under strain by the amount of people across the country who are now on tablets due to the stress of not being on tablets.

GPs across Britain are putting 100s of patients a day on tablets because people have become alarmed by the amount of family members and friends who are on tablets, which has led them to wonder why they themselves are not.

One GP we spoke to told us: “I’ve had to prescribe tablets to 25 patients already today and it’s only 9.30.

“I have no idea what they are, I just write a prescription for the first thing I can think of in the way of tablets and hope for the best.

An NHS spokesman said last night: “If people keep taking tablets we shall run out of the chalk needed to make tablets. Then where will fucking be, eh?”

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