Spanish Warship Chased out of Gibraltar Waters for Failing British Health & Safety

by Stephen Hamilton

A SPANISH warship has been chased out of the waters off the coast of Gibraltar after it emerged the ship, built during the Spanish Armada in 1588, breached a series of health and safety rules set by the Brits in 1713.

A spokesperson for the Royal Navy told our reporters this morning: “We can confirm our fleet was deployed to stop the Spanish warship from going anywhere near our Gibraltar at approximately 9:30 GMT earlier today.

“The reasons are very clear. The ship looked a tad run down, had failed to apply for a permit and none of the staff on board wore high-vis vests, hard hats or steal toe capped boots.”

It’s the second time this week the Royal Navy was forced to respond to an incursion into British waters after spotting twelve drunk arseholes riding an inflatable banana after veering off course from the holiday island of Majorca.






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