Sickening images emerge of a single dad in park showing off his drone skills

Sickening images emerge of a single dad in park showing off his drone skills
by Dafty News

A single father-of-four was being hunted last night by both the police and the community after footage emerged of him showing off amazing drone skills at his local park, it has been reported.

The 45-year-old unemployed forklift driver was captured by locals playing with his gadget and mastering incredible control and skill, prompting members of the community to instantly hate him.

One local who wished not to be named told our reporters: “It was truly sickening. He had all the manoeuvres down to a tee and he even had his phone all set up with an app to record and control filming.

“My stomach turned just watching him. I’ve had my drone for about six weeks and I struggle to get the bastard off the ground.”

Another witness fumed: “He had his four kids with him who were begging to have a shot at using the drone but he would not let go.”

Police say it is the worst thing the area has witnessed in their park.

Detective Harry Scapegoat said: “The park has experienced many horrific encounters; including kids discovering the bodies of five men who were dismembered in a gang feud, and a teenager opened fire in 1999 slaughtering 14, but this drone incident is by far the biggest tragedy to hit the community.

“A grown man should not be anywhere near a drone. It’s a toy for f*ck’s sake.”

Police described the man’s appearance as scruffy, geeking-looking, most likely a bit of a loner with an unhealthy appetite for toys, and known for being a bit of a twat.



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