Sickening Images Emerge on Facebook of Happy Couple’s Baby Scan Photos

by Stephen Hamilton

FACEBOOK was this morning recovering from sickening images of a happy couple’s baby scan photos that appeared for the third time this week on their joint status, forcing millions of users to flee, it has been reported.

The images, too traumatic to publish in our newspaper, showed the couple smiling with nurses after the scan revealed the baby to be in a healthy state, satisfying doctors and midwives.

One Facebook user who is a working colleague of the mother-to-be had to delete his account and is recovering from stress after the baby scans appeared both on his main feed as he logged into his Facebook account and in a private message sent by the couple.

The unnamed man told Dafty News: “It was truly sickening. That’s the third time this week I’ve had to endure this god-awful couple’s happy baby scan photos. As if they have nothing else to talk about.”

Another Facebook user fumed: “Yeah, it was really sickening. The couple actually held the photo in front of them with both their thumbs up. Truly stomach-churning.”

Facebook made this statement in wake of thousands of complaints about the couple’s baby scan pics:

“If you are pregnant and you get a baby scan at the hospital you are always welcome to upload to your account. However, please be aware that only you, your partner, and perhaps a couple of your close family members will actually give a fuck. The rest of the population will actually want to kill you.”




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