Shoppers Run for Cover After Peter Andre Spotted Busking

Shoppers Run for Cover After Peter Andre Spotted Busking
by Dafty News

A SHOPPING precinct was cordoned off yesterday after the really annoying and irritable celebrity Peter Andre was spotted busking to raise money for some charity, it has been reported.

The (singer) was reportedly singing his one and only famous song Mysterious Girl over and over again in the hope passers by would throw money into a small hat for his troubles.

One shocked shopper told our reporters of the horror: “I couldn’t believe it. We were just going about our day, minding our own business, then this terror just unfolded in front of us.

“All we could hear was this guy trying to belt out a song but it sounded like a trapped dolphin stuck in a tuna net crying out for his mom.”

The singer’s public appearance sparked controversy after leaks reported he was paid a fortune to perform for a charity.

However, it has emerged the charity tried to give Andre money to not perform.

It’s not the first time Peter Andre has caused terror to the British public. In December 2016 a local town hall had to chip in a fortune to stop the Aussie reality star from turning on their Christmas lights.




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