Shocked Mum Discovers Real Meat in Her McDonald’s

Shocked Mum Discovers Real Meat in Her McDonald's
by Kat Ziegel

A FAST-FOOD customer was left traumatized and needing emergency medical care yesterday after she discovered real meat, 100% beef to be exact, in her burger, it has been revealed.

The shocked mum-of-five from Glasgow said: “I couldn’t believe it. I bit into my burger and immediately thought, ‘This doesn’t taste right’.

“I took my burger back up to the counter where an acne-ridden failed student graduate in a baseball cap and a name tag informed me that my burger probably tasted ‘funny’ due to it containing real meat.”

A spokesperson for the fast-food giant told our reporters: “Most people in this area only know low-end processed meat from low budget supermarkets that are slapped together and jammed into plastic and folio packages. This is why they are shocked when they come to a McDonald’s. We actually have real meat.”

It’s not the first time a McDonald’s customer has been treated for shock.

In March this year, a 35-year-old unemployed single mum-of-six was stunned when she visited the toilets that didn’t have a semi-retired wee fat lady mopping up in and around the cubicles. Emergency services revived her after she was discovered having a pee without being rudely interrupted.

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