SHOCK: Boris Johnson doesn’t say something stupid

SHOCK: Boris Johnson doesn't say something stupid
by Paul McDougall

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, 53 of London, famously known for putting his foot in it on a daily occurrence, has somehow got through an entire afternoon at a networking event without a gaffe, it has been revealed.

Boris, who famously talked about increasing whisky exports to India while in a Sikh temple, with alcohol being banned by the faith, is a speak-now-think-later type of man and that can land him in hot water, most days.

But today at an event in Covent Gardens, somehow in the presence of the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, Michelle Obama, and some high ranking execs from Bollywood, Boris remarkably kept his cool.

This was a surprise to everyone including all the reporters who were eagerly waiting on Boris slipping up.

Boris was later seen leaving the event sharp mumbling words to himself; he looked visibly distressed as it had been at least two hours since he had last made some inappropriate comment.

He was then led into his private soundproofed box where he was able to shout remarks freely over and over until his heart was content without anyone able to hear what he was gibbering.



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