Sexual Harassment ‘Not a Crime’ Unless The Victim is Good Looking Say Courts

Sexual Harassment 'Not a Crime' Unless The Victim is Good Looking Say Courts
by Kat Ziegel

A SEXUAL HARASSMENT claim was thrown out of court by a judge yesterday after it emerged ‘sexual harassment can only be lawful if the victim is good looking’, it has been reported.

A 34-year-old woman from London brought the charges against her boss who she claims made rude sexual remarks and carried out a string of explicit proposals during a three-month spell.

The alleged victim thought, to be a little overweight and not very attractive, was told to lose some weight and ‘get her bloody hair done’ during cross-examination.

Lawyers for the company boss said outside the court: “My client was always innocent from day one and thankfully the judge saw sense. I mean, look at her. Would you slap her arse and ask for a date? No, I didn’t think so.”

Speaking after the case the unnamed judge told our reporters: “I knew instantly that if this guy was to be guilty he would need to have been a real pervert. The woman is plump and not very nice looking at all. There’s no guy on the planet that would want to have sex with her.”

The judge also warned any woman looking to make a claim against a guy for sexual harassment will have to tart themselves up a bit in court to make their case more believable.






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