Razoring children to be banned in Scotland

Razoring children to be banned in Scotland
by Danny SoZ

The Scottish Assembly has announced plans to bring in legislation that will outlaw attacking children below the age of 10 with razors by January 2020.

Critics are calling it an attack on Scotland’s culture and even some members of the ruling SNP are calling it a measure too far.

Former SNP leader, Alec Salmond hit out at the move last night: “The whole thing smacks of the nanny state, he told Dafty News.

“My mother used to razor me at least twice a day, and apart from a bout of septicaemia from a rusty blade, it never did me any harm”

We spoke to a resident of Maryhill on one of the toughest estates in Glasgow last night, who was also critical of the proposal.

Tobias McDell, 47, said: “It’s the thin edge o’ the wedge. “Win a man cannae gi’ the weans a guid slashing efter the wee fuckers have been playin’ up, then ah don’t knae wit the wurrld’s comin’ tae.

“Ah’ll no be allowed to gi’ yon missus a heidin’ efter a night oot oan the big boay’s ginger next, so ah wullnae”

This move comes 6 months after the controversial, Safety for Children Act, was introduced south of the border that made it illegal for East London parents to nail their youngsters to billiard tables.






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