Proud Facebook Dads Should be Shot, Say Millions

FATHERS who post ‘proud daddy moments’ on their Facebook status have been described as despicable, bloody irritating and intolerable, with millions of users calling for the death sentence, it has been reported.

Spokesperson for Facebook told Dafty News: “There is a myth that Facebook posts containing a cup of coffee or a full meal annoy people the most but in fact it’s those ‘proud daddy moments’ that spark the most outrage.

Already there have been calls to arrest any father who posts proud achievements of their kids and execute them.

One Facebook user who wished not to be named but speaks on behalf of at leat 500,000 other users said: “I look past a proud mummy when she posts ‘proud mom moment’ on Facebook because she has nothing in her life and is clearly a sad individual. However, I draw the line at those awful proud daddy posts. Guys should know better and therefore deserve their death sentence.”

It is not the first time dads have come under scrutiny for posting ‘proud moments’ on Facebook.

At least a quarter of the male population post their golf scores and winning betting slip results on their Facebook pages that warrant at least a maximum hard labour sentence.

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