Outcry After Police Taser Grandmother at Pensioner Lives Matter Rally

THOUSANDS of protesters have voiced their disgust at the police after a grandmother-of-seventeen was tasered at a Pensioner Lives Matter rally in London, it has emerged.

The silver-haired lady from nearby Whitechapel was part of a large group of senior citizen activists, who gathered to highlight their daily struggles living as a British pensioner, and to demonstrate how their rights are being violated on a daily basis.

Leading activist and founder of Pensioner Lives Matter (#PensionerLivesMatter) Elsie Butterworth, spoke to Dafty News earlier today when she said: “We demand the right to be validated and respected as equal citizens in society. We want equal state pensions, better bowling greens and more Bingo halls.”

It is not the first time the police have come under attack for tasering a member of the public.

Only last month a 10-year-old boy was held in custody overnight in his pyjamas where he received around 100 shocks from a taser gun after he turned up at a #SpoiltBratLivesMatter meeting in the back of his dad’s luxury 4×4, clutching the latest PlayStation console.

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