Outcry as Olly Murs refuses to cap Bali volcano with his big face

Outcry as Olly Murs refuses to cap Bali volcano with his big face
by Danny SoZ

Big-faced pop icon, Olly Murs, was under attack last night after refusing to cap the active volcano in Bali, where the Indonesian authorities have warned that an eruption is “imminent” and that widespread destruction and loss of life could result.

Murs, came under fire last Friday for what was seen in many quarters as his cowardly and foolish reaction to a bogus ‘terrorist incident’ in London’s Oxford Street when he barricaded himself in a storeroom and issued a number of hysterical tweets about hearing gunshots and telling people to run out into the street, in direct contradiction of the securities forces’ advice at the time.

Murs was unavailable for comment last night as he is reportedly still refusing to leave the storeroom until his mum comes to collect him, but his agent told us: “Olly is obviously very concerned about the fate that awaits the people of Bali should the volcano erupt, but he feels unable to fly there and use his massive face to cap the crater until his mum has picked him up from Selfridges and he’s had a day or two with his comfort ‘Blanky’ to recover.

Emergency services in Indonesia have now contacted, roly-poly, BBC Radio London breakfast show host, Vanesa Feltz, and asked her to cap the crater with her gigantic arse.




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