MI5 Uncover Ricky Tomlinson as an Actor

MI5 Uncover Ricky Tomlinson as an Actor

INTELLIGENT SERVICES may have uncovered their biggest find ever after it emerged the MI5 in collaboration with MI6 found Liverpudlian Ricky Tomlinson has been acting suspiciously as an actor and comedian, according to reports.

An intelligence services offices has presented a secret dossier to the government which reveals footage of Tomlinson in roles such as Brookside and The Royale Family.

An M15 spokesperson told Dafty News in an exclusive meeting this morning: “By far this is the best piece of work we’ve done but we could not have carried out this successful task without the help of the CIA, the KGB, and Mossad. All have been instrumental in our research and investigations.”

It is unclear what kind of punishment the secret services will force on Ricky Tomlinson but it is understood they will probably force him to appear in a new sitcom or another soap — which is sure to strike terror and fear into the nation.

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