Mexico Vow Revenge on Trump by Raising Drug Prices

Mexico Vow Revenge on Trump by Raising Drug Prices

MEXICAN PRESIDENT Enrique Pena Nieto has hit out at Donald Trump’s plans to claw back the deficit by warning the newly-elected President he will issue a price hike in narcotics crossing the Mexican border, it has been revealed.

Speaking through a translator, the charismatic Mexican President told Dafty News:

“The Donald says he wants to build a wall and make us pay for it. Well, I have news for him. He builds a wall and we simply put the price up for all the drugs trafficked into the United States. Every brick he lays will mean we will just add more to drug prices.”

It is understood Trump’s wall plan could backfire after it emerged the Mexicans are gearing up to charge Americans more for their produce such as guacamole, Corona beer, vegetables, furniture, machinery and cleaning ladies.

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