Melania Trump can sing George Formby’s greatest hits out of her bottom claims White House insider

Melania Trump can sing George Formby's greatest hits out of her bottom claims White House insider
by Danny SoZ

A source close to the Trump administration has told Dafty News that First Lady, Melania Trump, regularly entertains family members and friends by performing a medley of songs made famous by the 1930s ukelele-playing legend, George Formby, using her bottom to produce musical notes

The insider told a DN reporter: “Mrs Trump is in great demand at social events and always gets an enthusiastic reception when she goes to the front of the room and pulls her knickers down in readiness for a performance.

“George Formby numbers are always at the top of her repertoire, with, ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’ a perennial favourite, although she can perform more contemporary works such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and ‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath.

“Things don’t always run smoothly, however. Last Thanksgiving, while warming up for a performance in the dining suite at Mar A Lagos, she lost control of her bowels momentarily and left a small deposit on the floor before fleeing the room in tears.

“Fortunately, the President saved the day by explaining to guests that she was merely ‘clearing her throat’.

This revelation mirrors a similar claim by a Downing Street insider in 1978, that Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, could recreate the opening cannonade of The Battle of Austerlitz from her bottom and would then pick up coins which had been tossed onto the stage with her vagina.






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