Man dies of excitement at getting a new phone

Man dies of excitement at getting a new phone
by Kat Ziegel

Getting a brand new phone proved too much for one customer after he collapsed in a nearby phone store, due to the excitement of the prospects of getting hold of a brand new Galaxy S8 model, it has been reported.

The 45-year-old complained to staff of feeling unwell before unboxing his new mobile. It is thought the father-of-four suffered heart failure — embarrassing staff members.

One staff member told Dafty News: “I think the excitement of leaving IOS and heading over to Android was perhaps a little too much for the fella.

“It was totally embarrassing, to be honest. We would have preferred if he was to collapse and die outside our store, though. It was so annoying and brought unwanted attention to our storefront.”

It is understood the married man had signed up to a bundle contract and opted for the store’s Click & Collect option.

A spokesperson warned customers looking to buy the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus range to take it slowly when unboxing the phones because ‘they are super quality, sexy, and feel great in the hand. Oh, and they are completely waterproof.”

It’s not the first time a customer has died of excitement after an order.

In April 2015 a DIY enthusiast lapsed into a coma and died after he received an email from Screwfix to inform him his bandsaw was ready for uplift…an hour after purchasing online.



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