Local woman carefully deliberated on optimum moment to walk in front of TV screen

by Danny SoZ

A 23-year-old Whitechapel woman yesterday carefully watched a televised FA Cup football match on TV, meticulously calculating the most critical moment to walk across the screen in order to ruin her partner’s enjoyment of the game.

Mrs Tracy Dell, a beautician from Vallance Road, told Dafty News: “It was pretty tough choosing the best time to block his view of the screen, but I finally made my move when his team were awarded a free kick on the edge of the 18-yard box in stoppage time.

“As the player ran up to take the kick, I ambled across the room very slowly, stopping in front of the telly to arrange a couple of ornaments on top.

“He started yelling and craning his neck to see around me, but by the time I moved away the kick had been taken and the ref had blown for full-time. It was absolutely perfect timing on my part and I can’t wait for the replay so I can absolutely ruin his enjoyment all over again”

Her husband, Toby, also 23, hit back last night. “I’m going to wait until Dancing On Ice is on and then throw the switch on the electrical mains just as the judges are about to announce the winner!”



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