Levitation Asshole Wins DAFTA Award

Zimbabwe prophet Shepherd Bushiri wins this week’s DAFTA Award after his walking on air stunt not only oozes fakery of the highest order but is an embarrassment to human intelligence.


However, his claims that ‘God blessed him with a private jet’ that miraculously no-one is allowed to see, qualifies him even more spectacularly as the asshole of the century.

It’s about time people like this were removed from all forms of human contact because one idiot who can help breed more idiots is not good for human kind. We have enough of them already.

Watch as the camera strangely moves away from the ‘evidence’. The fucker who is holding him up should also be awarded for an award but as it stands we don’t actually have a ‘Complicate and Culpable in Aiding an Asshole to Con the Public’ award.

Why this fucker is not in prison is beyond thinking.




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