Labour Party launch enquiry after Jeremy Corbyn is ‘left on train’

Labour Party launch enquiry after Jeremy Corbyn is 'left on train'
by Danny SoZ

Labour Party officials have launched an urgent enquiry after party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was found unattended on the floor of a train heading from London to Leeds last night.

Corbyn was spotted sitting propped up in a recess designed for cycles and children’s buggies by a female passenger who handed him in at the lost property office at Earls Court station.

Mrs Tracy Dell, a legal executive from Croydon in South London, told reporters: “I was on my way to the ladies when I spotted Mr Corbyn sitting on the floor. He looked disorientated and became quite alarmed when I asked him if he was ok.

“He tried to get up and began muttering about leading Labour to victory at the next election and that he was Britain’s only remaining hope. It was pretty crazy stuff to be perfectly honest with you.

“I managed to persuade him to get off with me at Earls Court where I handed him into lost property. Hopefully, someone will notice he’s missing and will collect him at some point in the next day or so”

A Labour Party spokesman said last night: “We became aware that Jeremy was missing this morning and have now sent somebody along to collect him. We would like to thank the lady concerned for her vigilance and kindness at this time. A Labour supporter no doubt”

It is believed that Corbyn was accidentally left on the train by party colleagues who were seated in the first class area and simply forgot he was there.






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