Kim Jong-un Threatens to Unleash Deadly Ferrero Rocher on the West if Attacked, Say The White House

by Dafty News

MADCAP North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to unleash a series of deadly boxes of the popular Christmas chocolate Ferrero Rocher if the US decides to draw first blood in what many political experts are describing the boiling point in the peninsula.

Kim Jong-un’s spokesman told a press conference this morning that ‘the Dear Leader would retaliate with his deadliest arsenal if the Americans don’t back off’.

The spokesperson declared: “Big Kim has a stash of Ferrero Rocher and is not afraid to use them. Everybody knows how dangerous those little bastard treats are. The pain inflicted during and after a bite is potentially awesome to watch.”

Jong-un’s collection of Ferrero Rocher is thought to be about a month out of date, which makes them even extra tough on the upper gum.

It’s not the first time a leader has used a chocolate tactic to combat a threat from the West.

During the Second World War, Hitler allegedly threatened Churchill with a Toblerone bar, which has very sharp edges that can cause untold oral health damage and harm.

In the Gulf War Part I the US-led coalition intercepted a heavy downfall of different coloured M&Ms launched by Saddam Hussein. Luckily there were no blue ones.




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