Jeremy Kyle’s DNA test reveals strong traces of the irritating f**knut gene

by Danny SoZ

A recent DNA test carried out on morning TV show host, Jeremy Kyle, has revealed strong evidence that he’s descended from a long line of irritating fucknuts.

Kyle’s popular show is largely based around inviting ocean-going cretins and old tugboats in shellsuits from across the country to have their DNA tested on live television to establish whether some wretched, mewling infant has been created as a result of them having had a quick scuttling session round the back of Aldi or similar.

At the request of viewers, Kyle underwent the test during Monday’s show where the gene was discovered.

Kyle remained tight-lipped as he left the studio shortly afterwards but his wife told reporters: “Sounds about right. Did it also reveal that his ancestors had tiny cocks and erectile dysfunction?”

This latest revelation comes just weeks after a similar test on popular funnyman, James Corden, showed that he comes from a long line of complete arse hats.

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