‘I’ve been drinking all my wages since 1983’ claims Glasgow man

'I've been drinking all my wages since 1983' claims Glasgow man
by Dafty News

A 54-year-old heavy goods vehicle mechanic from Glasgow has made a startling confession to Dafty News that he has been drinking all his hard-earned wages since he left school and started working as an apprentice mechanic in the Govan area of the city in 1983, it has emerged.

'I've been drinking all my wages since 1983' claims Glasgow man
Glasgow man’s worrying claims he has been pissing all his wages up against a wall since 1983

The news has come as a shock to family members and friends but heavy drinking experts fear there could be more stories of Glaswegian men with a history of pissing their salaries up against a wall.

Leading binge-drinking psychologist Annabelle Friermyer said: “It’s not uncommon for men to work all week then spunk all their wages at the weekend.

“Normally young apprentices and single males are renowned for this type of behaviour but this individual continued this pattern all the way through his adult married life. He’s one of the lucky ones.”

Speaking exclusively to our reporters the father-of-eight claimed he:

  • Blew all his wages on heavy drinking
  • Divorced five times due to not bringing a full wage packet home to angry wives
  • Cost him his health after suffering six heart attacks and liver failure
  • He’d have to tap his mum or get a sub from work just to get by

But said he would do it all over again.

It’s not the first time a claim has come out of the city in recent years.

In 2014 a 60-year-old grandmother of twenty-seven from Maryhill claimed she has been lucky on several occasions at the bingo, winning tens of thousands, but never told her husband.



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