ISIS Plan to Carry Out Attacks on Pluto

TERROR NEWS—Islamic State terrorists have hit a new low after it emerged they plan to carry out a series of ‘Daily Mail’ promoted attacks on Pluto.


The move comes after one Islamist called upon NASA to change the name of the dwarf planet after seeing Arabic writing on it…from an incredible distance.

Spokesperson for the Let’s Give ISIS More Publicity group (also known as the Daily Mail), said in a statement:

“It is yet undecided which Pluto they plan to carry out attacks on because as you know, ISIS are not too fond of attacking cartoons.

“However, they might as well attack planet Pluto because it is as far away from Israel as possible, and we all know they (Israel) are supposed to be their biggest enemy; but they strangely want to take over regions as far away from Israel as they can. Why not planet Pluto?”

It is understood the Daily Mail are not too happy with the proposed idea, and neither is ISIS-backed US.

Our inside whistleblower leak aide source said this morning:

“The public were recently warned by the government that charges will be brought to anyone found to be watching extreme graphic violent content videos by ISIS but the Daily Mail publish video content of such nature almost on a daily basis.

“Shouldn’t they be charged more for not only viewing but for downloading (or being handed over) the videos where they get to edit them, slap their logo on them, then publish them on their website?”




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