Husband Accused of Sweeping More Issues Under The Carpet

A 53-YEAR-OLD husband appeared in court yesterday accused of sweeping a range of domestic and marital issues under the carpet after his long-suffering wife finally gave in and reported him, it has emerged.

The court heard how the 51-year-old wife has suffered for years after trying so hard to talk about many marriage problems but to no avail.

The jury of twelve women took only ten seconds to find the man guilty.

The sentence is deferred for background reports but Dafty News understands the 53-year-old husband could face twenty-five years for ignoring his wife’s pleas.

A sweeping things under the carpet expert said: “This should act as a warning to other husbands. It is very dangerous to ignore your wife’s nagging because mostly she will have a point and will most likely be always right.”

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