Great Whites Could Cause Huge Immigration Problems in Britain Says Home Secretary

by Kat Ziegel

IMMIGRATION authorities in Britain have issued concerns over the recent sightings of great white sharks off the coast of England, fuelling worries they could be planning to settle in the country, it has been reported.

With the topic of immigration very much a political headline these days, it is thought the country is split about letting in great whites.

However, despite the dangers, many groups welcome the idea of the country being flooded with them.

A spokesperson for right-wing extremist group Britain’s First said: “If it’s great then we shouldn’t have any problems and the fact that it’s white – well let them all in because we don’t have enough whites in our country.”

Shark experts who are monitoring the coastal areas say the sharks are most likely ‘rogue’ sharks which will mean they will be wearing hoodies, brandishing knives and threatening the community.

One shark expert told us this morning: “Sharks are synonymous with biting arms and legs off of human beings; particularly those stupid ones who think they are invincible in an environment not suitable for human living; but definitely good for human consumption – if you are foolish enough to venture in knowing full well of the dangers.”

by Kat Ziegel and Stephen Hamilton






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