Gordon Ramsay invades Democratic Republic of Congo

by Danny SoZ

Reports are coming in that TV chef, Gordon Ramsay, has seized power in The Democratic Republic of Congo following a daring military coup in the early hours of this morning.

Ramsay, 59, stormed the DRC parliament at around 1.00am this morning after having seized other strategic buildings in the capital, Kinshasa, including the radio station and the ministry of defence

A local newspaper reported this morning: “Gordon Ramsay now holds power in the DRC. We knew he’d staged a successful coup after we heard him swearing on the radio and a number of the catering staff at the parliament building reported being sacked without severance pay.

The daring takeover comes just 6 months after Great British Bake Off presenter, Paul Hollywood, made a doomed attempt to seize power in Sweden.






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