Glasgow man brutally beaten by racists following bended knee marriage proposal misunderstanding

by Danny SoZ

A 22-year-old man from Drumchapel was recovering in hospital last night following a brutal beating from racist thugs who mistook his bended knee marriage proposal to his girlfriend for a gesture of support for the American sports stars who are currently protesting against racial injustice by ‘taking a knee’ during the national anthem before games.

The bended knee could be misunderstood, say experts.
The bended knee could be misunderstood, say experts.

Jimmy McNish, a tyre-fitter, told Dafty News: “I had just gone down on one knee in the park to ask my girlfriend Sharon to marry me when a bunch of blokes came over and started beating me up.

“They said that I was anti-Donald Trump and a disgrace to the white race. I couldn’t believe it to be honest with you. I mean to say, some of my best mates are white supremacists.

“To make matters worse, my girlfriend turned down my proposal and then dumped me as I was lying on the floor. She said I was a wimp and that I wouldn’t be capable of protecting her from muggers and rapists and so on”

In a similar incident, a 47-year-old West Indian man from Maryhill was set upon last Tuesday by a gang of black youths who accused him of trying to cover up his Afro-Caribbean roots as he walked home from the building site where he had been working earlier that day, covered in cement dust.






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