Glasgow International Comedy Festival: Ones to Watch

Glasgow International Comedy Festival: Ones to Watch

Dafty News Urge Comedy Fans to Buy Tickets Early

The Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2017 might be a few weeks away but calls to ‘get your tickets for shows early to avoid disappointment’ is ringing around the city and for very good reason. Such is the popularity of the annual festival, there has been an explosion of comedians making seasoned appearances with their shows with an encouraging flurry of fresh comics making their GICF debuts.

Dafty News Comedy Corner looks at just some of the ones to watch at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2017.

Abigoliah Schamaun
‘Working On It’

Venue: Bob’s Blundabus @ McPhabbs

Date: Thursday 9th March
Date: Friday 10th March 7.30pm

Ticket price: £5

“Abigoliah Schamaun is a superbly brilliant comedian” — Dafty News

‘Abigoliah returns to the Glasgow Comedy Festival to talk of her love for healthy living by day and debauched shenanigans by night. Explore health and wellness from the perspective of a woman who hates her thighs but loves fried chicken’…Read more here 

Bob Graham
‘Travel Guide For Agoraphobics’

Venue: McPhabbs

Date: Saturday 25th March 9.30pm

Ticket price: £5/£4

“Quite simply, Bob Graham is brutally outstanding “ — Dafty News

‘People who know him personally might not say the same. Travel Guide for Agoraphobics is a show about boredom, therapy, a chainsaw, performing an intervention on an alcoholic, the world’s worst date, getting drunk with old women and the time Bob got a phone call from someone saying ‘Bob, he’s going to kill you’ and how that put him in a bad mood’ … Read more …

Julia Sutherland
‘The 40 Year-Old Version’

Venue: Yesbar

Date: Sunday 12th March 7.15pm

Ticket price: £5

“Fabulously clever, charmingly funny, eloquently hilarious, the full package” — Dafty News 

‘Delighted to have just turned 40, Julia is having breakthrough, not a breakdown! Typically a time to reflect, re-assess… and run away from reality in your new sports car – Julia is gleefully ticking all the boxes (whilst shaving her head)’ …Read more …


JD Brown
‘Manic Regressive’

Venue: Britannia Panopticon

Date: Saturday 18th March
Date: Saturday 25th March 8.30pm

Ticket price: £7

“Daring, cutting-edge, gutsy, with an unlimited potential” — Dafty News

‘Award-winning stand-up comedian JD Brown brings his new show – Manic Regressive – to the Panopticon for 2017. A show of laughter and tales from a manic childhood. With special guest star Robin Galloway from Heart FM’ …Read more…

Paul McDaniel
‘ARRR (Hour)’

Venue: McPhabbs

Date: Thursday 16th March 8pm

Ticket price: £3/£2

“Bright, witty and full-on side-splitting. Exceptional, a definite must-see comedian” — Dafty News

Northern Irish man of the people and master of the slowburn Paul McDaniel returns with a brand new ARRR. Come see him be quite good …Read more …


John Gavin
‘Happy John is a Pure Tattie’

Venue: Yesbar

Date: Friday 17th March 7.15pm

Ticket price: £8/£6

“A sublime on-stage funny craftsman who oozes charm and charisma … with a deadly weapon of searingly funny content” — Dafty News

‘A regular on BBC Radio, star of BBC1 sitcom Scotsquad and winner of Scottish Comedian of the Year, John Gavin brings another new hour to this year’s festival.’ … Read more …

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into Yesbar

Venue: Yesbar

Date: Friday 17th March 6pm
Ticket price: £5/£3

“Hilarious…tremendous…high-octane…brilliant. The laughometer now requires a brand new scale thanks to a trio of very funny and entertaining comedians of completely varied styles” — Dafty News

‘Back by popular demand from their 2016 sell out show, a lost Englishman (Ben Morston), a travelling Irishman (AJ Sixsmith) and a resident Scotsman (Tommy Ashe) will have you in hysterics as they attempt to unravel their complex relationship as Neighbours, Friends and Enemies!’ … Read more …

The F**k it List

Venue: The State Bar

Date: Friday 17th March 10.30pm

Ticket price: £8/£6

“Hilariously and awkwardly brilliant!” — Dafty News

‘Obie is one of Scotland’s most natural comedians. He has recently written a ‘F**k It List’. A list of things he wants to do before he dies of boredom. He is currently touring the country and talking about his experiences.  What’s on the list and how has he got on so far. Come and find out in this hilarious new show’…Read more…

Desky Lewis & Joe McSloy
The Thing Is…

Venue: Yesbar

Dates: Sunday 19th March
Sunday 26th March 6pm

Ticket prices: £7/£4

“Desky Lewis is sparkling! As bold and brash a comedian you’ll find anywhere. An absolute joy” — Dafty News

“Joe McSloy over-delivers and is on time, every time. A stick-on cert to go all the way. Sensationally funny” — Dafty News

‘Join our heroes Desky Lewis and Joe McSloy as they career from one nail-biting cliff-hanger to the next in their attempt to save Glasgow from comedic oblivion and foil the plans of ‘The Establishment’ in their bid for safe, stale, politically correct world domination!’ …Read more…


Joe McSloy
The Real McSloy

Venue: Broadcast

Dates: Friday 17th March
Friday 24th March 8pm & 9.30pm

Ticket price: £7/£6

“Bitingly funny with a talent for delivering memorable lines” — Dafty News

‘Join Joe McSloy as he gives you his unique take on the world as he sees it. The jokes are fast, fierce and sharp as a Samurai sword. Deliciously dark and near the knuckle, not for those faint of heart. …Read more…

Pablo Serski
Nothing Is Perfect

Venue: Broadcast

Dates: Friday 17th March
Friday 24th March 9.30pm & 8pm

Ticket prices: £8/£6

“Prolific writer, deadly exponent on stage who can pack a punch. A real hidden gem in the world of stand-up comedy” — Dafty News

‘Nothing Is Perfect is Pablo Serski’s second solo outing following on from the success of his GICF 2016 debut Et Tu, Brutal. For Pablo, nothing really IS perfect because he pretty much hates everything about the world we live in.’ …Read more…


Gary Faulds
Live at Victoria’s

Venue: Victoria’s Nightclub

Date: Saturday 11th March 8.30pm

Ticket price: £7/£5

“Likeable, infectious, and a damn fine all-around good guy funny comedian” — Dafty News

‘Join Gary for what is about to be another successful year at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.  After last year’s sold out show he has been working tirelessly to make sure there’s another packed hour of stand-up comedy.’ …Read more…




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