FIFA to Expand World Cup to 212 Countries to Give Scotland a Chance of Qualifying

THE governing body of world football has promised the 2026 World Cup will consist of 212 countries, the amount of already existing members, to help Gordon Strachan and his team with a fighting chance of qualification.

It has also emerged the World Cup 2026 will be held in Scotland to give the football-daft country a second chance of qualification in case the qualifying rounds don’t go to plan.

A spokesperson for FIFA told Dafty News: “We are trying every conceivable method to help Scotland reach their first World Cup since 1998.

“All our members will qualify under the new proposed 212 countries structure but in the event Scotland fuck that up, we have made Scotland hosts.”

Under FIFA rules hosts qualify automatically but FIFA are working on a third method in case Scotland fuck that one up, too.

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