FIFA 18 Most Realistic Yet After Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho Hands in Virtual Transfer Request


THE makers of the latest FIFA edition, FIFA 18, have been hailed for its stunning accuracy and real-life graphics after Liverpool’s attacking midfielder Coutinho was seen begging to join Barcelona and handing in what looks like a stunning virtual transfer request.

Fans of the game took to social media to express their delight in what has been described as the most realistic sports simulation video game in the history of virtual gaming.

FIFA 18 has been globally praised for its enterprising  and innovative updates from previous versions that allows users to enjoy a more satisfying interaction.

FIFA 18 also also gone beyond fans’ expectations after including more real-life arsholes who play the game at home that involve fat pot-bellied men in their mid-to-late forties playing the game in their stained t-shirts and sweaty jogging trousers…clutching a can of beer.

One fan of FIFA 18 said, “The likeness is extraordinary. They even have me playing the game with one hand on the controls and my other down my boxers having a right good old scratch at my bollocks.”

A spokesperson for FIFA 18 told Dafty Sports News: “We wanted to bring the game to the real fans and right into their homes.

“We decided to let them feel very involved with the stars of the world.”

FIFA say they have plans already in place already for their next edition of FIFA.

Our spokesperson continued: “We haven’t as yet made any announcements but we are working on mass brawls between the players and some really heavy pitch invasions.”






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