Facebook woman’s status update still complete tripe despite being presented on a coloured background

by Danny SoZ

A 37-year-old London woman’s latest status update on her Facebook timeline was still utterly puerile and had no real substance or worth whatsoever, despite the fact that she had posted it using the new coloured background feature now available on the site.

The update, which said “From now on, I’m going to be doing things for ME and sod everybody else!”, was still just as vacuous and lacking in any merit whatsoever, despite its square backdrop of light green.

A spokesperson for Facebook told Dafty News: “We introduced this feature to add a much-needed touch of gravitas to people’s inane and trite status updates, but in this case, the experiment has failed miserably.

“It was the same on Friday when some milky chump started droning on about missing out on quality time with his bastard kids on a purple background.”






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