Facebook User Still Not Motivated Despite Looking at Lots of Motivational Lion Memes

A Facebook user has filed a complaint after spending months staring at motivational memes that consist of lion’s faces and in various poses with script enticing everybody to live a better life, but she’s still not achieving anything.

The user, thought to be a 45-year-old housewife who spends at least 22-hours each day on Facebook, told Dafty News this morning: “Nope, I am still not getting it. I’ve stared at countless lion memes, even lioness memes and even their cute little cub memes and my life hasn’t improved one single bit.”

The housewife Facebook user is not the first to file a complaint concerning Facebook memes.

In March this year a man was arrested for not feeling sad after one of his friends shared a short info video showing a premature baby clutching his mum’s fingers.

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