Facebook user claims his poetry can cure cancer

Facebook user claims his poetry can cure cancer
by Dafty News

A FACEBOOK user has been slammed after his bizarre claims his poetry can kill cancer cells, it has emerged.

The poet who set up a page offering a string of ‘cancer curing’ poetry books in paperback and as a download told our reporters: “Chemotherapy is dangerous and doesn’t have a very positive success rate.

“Then there’s the alternative options which most haven’t been proven yet. Sufferers have nowhere to turn to until I stepped in.”

The poet claims he once cured a 63-year-old man’s colon cancer after downloading the poetry book in a PDF format from his hospital bed.

Despite calls to shut the poet and self-proclaiming cancer curer’s page, he remains as popular as ever after discovering you can actually add a review button on a Facebook business page.

Scores of Facebook users have bombarded the page with 5-star reviews, sparking a new frenzy in social media healthcare.

“I bought Dave’s ‘How to Beat Cancer by Reading Poetry’ and after the first two rhymes, I suddenly felt better. I was told I could leave the hospital and live a further 60 years. It’s amazing – as I am nearing my 70th birthday,” said one reviewer.

Another wrote: “I was diagnosed and told I had three months to live. I was recommended to download Dave’s poetry ebook for £24.99 and it actually worked. I am now fit and healthy and Dave said if I keep reading his poems my illnesses will never return.”

Dave’s ‘How to Beat Cancer by Reading Poetry’ is thought to be the latest breakthrough phenomenon online, that is sweeping the internet. It comes just weeks after millions of sites were spotted selling snake oil at half price.

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