Facebook strangely quiet this morning after woman’s cat doesn’t go missing

Facebook strangely quiet this morning after a woman's cat doesn't go missing
by Kat Ziegel

Facebook was relatively quiet this morning after it emerged a woman’s cat didn’t go missing, it has been reported, sparking a lack of share and comments on Facebook.

It is understood the cat, one of fifteen the bachelor woman owns, decided to stay at home and enjoy the comforts of her double-quilted duvet cover, instead of going missing for days.

Speaking exclusively to Dafty News, the matted-haired single woman in her late 50s, said: “Ginger didn’t fancy the minus temperatures last night and decided to stay indoors.

“This caused a bit of concern because normally she goes missing and it really does create lots of shares on my status when I post a made-up missing poster I create using a free version of Paint.”

The unkempt lady apologized to Facebook and promised to report one of her other cats missing so everyone can start sharing again.

It’s not the first time Facebook has suffered an audience dip.

In November 2017 Facebook was reportedly ‘dead’ with very little activity after a man made it safely home from a night out with his mates, without falling into a frozen river, and failing to cause a nationwide police search.

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