Facebook to Introduce ‘Other Arseholes You May Know’ Feature

Facebook to Introduce 'Other Arseholes You May Know' Feature
by Stephen Hamilton

SOCIAL MEDIA giants Facebook is to launch its brand new feature next month that will encourage users to link up with other users, also known as ‘other arseholes’, it has emerged.

The new feature, ‘Other Arseholes You May Know’, will see more accounts having their friends list increased by being encouraged to add new friends.

Facebook told Dafty News this morning: “Amazon has a feature titled, ‘Buyers Who Bought This Also Bought…’, so we thought we’d do the same to connect more Facebook users together. It means all our users can add even more arseholes to their list of friends.”

Meanwhile, privacy groups and online activity watchdogs say the move will only see a rise in bloated friends lists that will serve Facebook’s large advertising platform.

Mary Hoffenhymerstein from one of the privacy groups said:

“This is all wee need, isn’t it? I mean, most of us have an average of 1,245 friends that include a couple of family members, two working colleagues, someone from our old school and the rest made up of complete arseholes.

“This new feature will only encourage more arseholes to our friend’s lists. As if our arsehole lists are not full enough.”




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