The face of Christ appears on Bruce Willis’s Die Hard vest

The face of Christ appears on Bruce Willis's Die Hard vest
by Danny SoZ

According to an American collector of classic film memorabilia, a clear image of the face of Christ has appeared on the vest which Bruce Willis wore during the action scenes in his smash hit movie, Die Hard.

Toby Dell, 65, from Venice Beach, California, told newsmen: “I was having a look through some of the memorabilia that I’ve collected down the years and stumbled upon Bruce Willis’s vest.

To my amazement, one of the oil stains on the front from when he was hanging upside down under an airplane had formed into the face of Jesus.

“I immediately fell to my knees and gave thanks to God for this clear sign that our Redeemer lives”

When asked to produce the vest for authentification, he told reporters that his wife had put it in the wash, thinking it was one of his own that he’d worn to fix the car, and that the face of Jesus was now no longer there.

If proven to be true, this phenomenon could be the most significant religious event since a London motor mechanic saw the face of The Virgin Mary in a grease stain on the buttocks of his apprentice, after he’d pulled the youngster’s overalls down to brand him with an oxy/acetylene cutting torch.






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