E.T. rubbed up against me in the 1980s claims former child actor

E.T. rubbed up against me in the 1980s claims former child actor
by Kat Ziegel

SEXUAL harassment in Hollywood took another twist last night after a former child actor claimed E.T., the star of Spielberg’s classic sci-fi fantasy film, pressed its groin up against the youngster during trailer breaks whilst on location, it has emerged.

The unnamed actor who wanted to press charges over thirty years ago but for the fear of being ridiculed and not believed, decided to wait until other lesser known actors were charged with a series of sexual misconducts before coming out, told our reporters:

“After filming we’d go back to one of the trailers for a drink.

“E.T. clearly had alcohol issues and would often lash out but that’s normal for someone not used to how we drink on this planet.

“It was his sexual remarks and his constant rubbing up against me that was worrying. He was really creepy.”

Hollywood insiders say it is unlikely E.T. will ever be brought to justice for his sexual crimes.

One legal source said: “E.T. fucked off on a bike back in 1982 and no-one has seen a trace of him since. For all we know he could be living in outer space.”

E.T. is not the first unexpected sexual misconduct suspect from Hollywood, lately.

Last week, the great white shark who played the lead role in JAWS was accused of making lewd gestures at female surfers in their bikinis before chewing parts of their limbs off, leaving them to bleed to death and causing untold psychological damage to witnesses.




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