Donald Trump Urged to Rethink His Engagement to Theresa May

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has been asked to have a rethink over his relationship with British Prime Minister Theresa May after the pair announced their engagement at a press conference.

Trump and May leave the White House holding hands
Trump and May leave the White House holding hands after announcing their engagement

Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence told Dafty News: “It’s a huge mistake for Donald and Theresa. Melania will go apeshit when she finds out — especially the cost of the ring.”

Trump’s camp have hit out at their commander in chief by warning him of the dangers of falling head over heels with a British woman.

One of Trump’s camp, who did not want to be identified, told our reporters: “British women are not like us Americans. They can be very nice and in a flash, they can lash out. They drink too much and about 99.9999% of British women are riddled with a range of personality disorders.”

Dafty News tried to contact Donald Trump and Theresa May but both were still in bed recovering from a heavy night on the booze following their party at a local community hall.

Meanwhile, bookmakers have stopped taking bets on Theresa May launching her ring into a river before taking one of her shoes off and dispatching it over Trump’s head after an all-day drinking spree.

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