Distraught Arsenal fans gain comfort from the fact that Jeremy Corbyn and Piers Morgan are supporters

by Danny Soz

Fans of Arsenal football club, still reeling from the humiliating 10-2 aggregate defeat by Bayern Munich in The Champions League, are consoling themselves with the fact that, Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and media personality, Piers Morgan, are staunch supporters of the club.

One crestfallen fan told us: “If it wasn’t for the fact that two great guys and proven winners like Piers and Jeremy were behind the club I’d give up my season ticket and go and support Spurs.

“When that 10th goal went in, I don’t mind admitting I was close to despair. Then I remembered that Piers Morgan was sharing my embarrassment and that Mr Corbyn would be equally appalled at our capitulation, and suddenly everything seemed ok again”

Club manager Arsene Wenger last night angrily dismissed suggestions that his side had been ridiculously poor and a disgrace to the shirt. “We played well and looked very bright, especially in the pre-match warm-up,” he said

“It was only after the 9th and 10th goals went in that I felt we could do with tightening-up the defence a bit.

“I understand the fan’s frustration, but they must stay proud and loyal, and never lose sight of the fact that Jeremy Corbyn and Piers Morgan are sharing their utter humiliation at our cringeworthy capitulation.”

The two celebrity fans were unavailable for comment last night. Corbyn was locked in crisis talks with Labour MPs over the pitiful state of his party, while Morgan was having an early night before coming across as a right cunt on his Good Morning TV show.






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