You are delusional if you think your grandchildren are extra special, say mental health experts

by Kat Ziegel

Grandmothers who believe their grandchildren are special have been hit with a devastating blow that they are in fact suffering from a range of delusional disorders, it has emerged.

Top psychiatrists have long maintained grandmothers who believe their grandchild ‘has been here before’ suffer from many mental deficiencies and should be sectioned.

Anna Hoffmeyer who has written several papers on the subject told Dafty News: “It is natural to love your grandchildren but at 6-months old, they are not special. They are anything but. They are the same as every other child on the planet and there are billions of them.

“Believing that your grandchild, one out of billions, is special, is a delusion in itself and it has to stop.”

Ms. Hoffmeyer blames Facebook for the increase of the delusional disease.

She said: “Grandmothers aged between 29-55 are the biggest culprits. They are so far up their own arses with their little ‘princesses’ and ‘princes’ they fail to believe nobody really gives two fucks about their grandkids. This delusion escalates after each Facebook post, descending into several psychotic dysfunctions.”



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