Concerns as North Korean Missile Misses Love Island

Concerns as North Korean Missile Misses Love Island
by Dafty News

THE international community gathered yesterday to express their concerns after one of North Korea’s ballistic missiles missed Love Island, during filming for the popular TV show, it has been reported.

North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong-un addressed his adoring audience in Pyongyang late last night and apologized to the west for failing to put the world out of its misery.

The Dear Leader made the statement to a backdrop of carefully choreographed marching soldiers:

“It is with deep regret that one of our main missiles flew over Love Island and didn’t explode until it was hundreds of miles away from its intended target.

“We pledged to help the west end their misery by getting rid of the whole island, the cast and filming crew for the show.”

It is not the first time Kim Jong-un has disappointed the west. Earlier this year his strong army failed miserably to carry out a successful military attack where Celebrity Big Brother was being filmed and didn’t follow through on his promise to get rid of presenters Ant and Dec.





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