Comedians: Dafty News Wants You Plugged

Opinion: Daring to Say What Others Are Thinking
Get your voice heard on Dafty News

As supporters and exponents of live comedy, we have set aside space and time to help comedians promote themselves during the comedy festival and Fringe.

Opinion: Daring to Say What Others Are Thinking
Calling all comedians: get your shameless plug on Dafty News

We are also covering gigs where we will be selecting acts to review.

You can read our latest reviews here:

Friday Night Just Got Better With Stu Who?

Viv’s Vespbees: Putting The Va Va Voom Into The Comedy Festival

What we do is post your promotional material with a short description then send the word out via our various outlet channels…

– Our newsletter where we have a targeted list of comedy lovers.

– Social network channels – kind of speaking the obvious but we have other channels outside of Dafty News that come in handy.

This is all FREE of course and we don’t want any VIP or freebies. Not even a drink at the bar. We always pay for comedy and want to promote you and your show as best we can.

Even if you are a newbie and you have your first 5-minute spot, send us an email with a when and a where.

Here’s a couple of promotional examples here:

The Lovely Anna Devitt’s ‘Ya Dancer’ Show >>>

Carrot and Curls Live – A Must See >>>

There are only two things we require:

(1) When you send us a poster image/photo etc you need to include a wee note saying you authorize Dafty News the rights to publish said graphic. I know, sounds very legally silly but we respect the original artists’ work in all forms and it’s always right to keep within the rings of media law.

You can copy this text and paste it into your email along with your material:

I authorize Dafty News to post my promotional material on your website

(2) Please include some kind of text along with your graphics. Text helps us with emails plus we can copy and paste your text to as many of our outlets and partners as possible. It saves us time and you get to say what you want without fear of us messing it up for you – which is always a great possibility here at Dafty News.

Send your promotional material to:

Dafty News, supporting live comedy



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