“Cheery” Facebook woman found slain on The Orient Express

"Cheery" Facebook woman found slain on The Orient Express
by Danny SoZ

A 40-year-old woman, described as a habitual Facebook user and “always cheery” by her family and friends, was found murdered on the iconic luxury train, The Orient Express, yesterday.

Tracy Dell, a housewife and mother of 4 from Whitechapel in East London, who was travelling from London to Berlin on a ticket purchased by Facebook friends, had been shot, stabbed poisoned, garroted and finally, hung, before being thrown onto an overhead luggage rack where she was discovered the next morning by a porter.

Police are now questioning 20 of her fellow passengers, all of whom are believed to be on the woman’s friends list.

Her Mother, Mary, 87, said last night: “I can’t believe anyone would want to do this to our Tracy. All she ever did was spend her time being nice to people on Facebook.

“She’d put up countless pictures of the family, especially the kids, post literally hundreds of inspirational memes, and even little video clips of our cat getting up to all sorts of zany mischief. As for pictures of her dinner and the odd passive/aggressive status update, well I’ve lost count really”

Mrs Dell’s death comes exactly a week after a 75-year-old man from neighbouring Shadwell had his home firebombed after continually posting tweets insisting that Brexit would be good for the fishing industry and would finally allow this country to “stand on its own two feet like we did during the war.”






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